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This is me today. Post Crossfit. I feel good in my head now if the rest of my body would just catch up.

I’m still injured and my coach modified the entire WOD for me today:
Russian KB swings 1.5 Pood
Push Ups with Dumbbells
Score - 113

I can really only do back squats until this heals a bit more. I will work my butt off even though I’m limited on movements. I had a great talk with another coach post WOD on life balance and how to not take in the bullshit in my personal “bubble”. We also talked about my health issues that came up in the past few weeks from IBS, abnormal PAP (which I never had before) to finding a hole in my eardrum which is giving me hearing loss. It really felt good to let it out.

I really truly believe Crossfit is my therapy and the community is my second family and always there when I need someone just to listen.

Random Sunday

  • I have been reading a lot on a paleo lifestyle.
  • Meal prep is complete: On the menu this week is pulled Chicken with salad.
  • Met with the landlords as they are selling the house and found out what will be happening with my lease.
  • Went shopping for tank tops and socks for a upcoming crossfit competition in 2 weeks, our team is called “WOD-Tang Clan”.
  • Laundry done.
  • Walked Kingsley.
  • Planned Vacation WODs while I am away this weekend.
  • I am not impressed by my arms but I can say they can lift heavy and support my body weight upside down. See flexing above.
  • I recorded my weight and measured myself to become more accountable in my progress in the next few months.

Today wasn’t my best day nor was my bad day. Today’s competition was really with myself and how much work I need to put in to get results and get out of my comfort zone.

I am having a week (its really been two weeks) where I think and know I am NOT fit and too flabby to do Crossfit. Since injuring my wrist, I feel like I cannot do anything and feel like I am too big to do cardio or anything of the sort. I sometimes wonder if I should quit and just leave at times. I have been hard on myself mentally for not finishing a workout or had to ask for a modification due to my wrist or pain that I have. I have been trying but I feel like I am not getting anywhere and venting on here will hopefully will change that.
I am competing in a Crossfit competition this weekend and I’m hoping it can push me into some motivation or help me get rid of this feeling I have. It’s only one wod at random but I just want to prove to myself I am mentally strong and can do it.

I got locked in the bathroom and couldn’t get the handle to budge. The fella gave me a butter knife to unscrew the handle. I asked him to bust down the door and he said I should do it since I lift. I am stronger than my bf.

The fella left for the UK for the week. I guess I have to teach myself how to cook for the week and do less Crossfit due to the dog.

Tonight I finally took a night off at the gym. I went the past 4 days and needed the rest.

The fella and I talked budgets and future planning. I finally laid out all my financial figures and past paychecks in front of him and told him I’m bad with dealing/talking about money. I told him I was never shown how to deal with money, how to save and never really talked about it due to my parents always talking negative about it. He understood me, didn’t judge me spending habits and was happy to help with my situation. I know I don’t have that much debt but its debt from my past that I want to be gone forever. It felt I have lifted some stress that I have with money since talking to him and will be more open about it.

Go on the scale and find out you weight 20lbs more than in January. Then measure yourself and realize that you gained inches on waist, hips and legs.

Not a good start but I don’t understand why the gains everywhere. I eat clean, no carbs, sugar in coffee only, Crossfit 4-5 times a week, and sleep 8 hours a night. How can this happen? I tried to calorie count too but I hate becoming obsessive with it. I try to balance everything and I know there are health issues but I know it is from the weight gain. Doctors are not helpful, blood tests are good, and eating habits are great.

I can’t figure this out. I don’t have a clue that made me change the first time or what I did differently.